A brief description about what Hypokalemic Periodic
Paralysis is.

I have this heritable muscle disease for all of my life, it is a result from
defective ion channels.
Attacks follow triggering events like:

  • exercise
  • intense stress
  • fright
  • a meal high in carbohydrate and/or sodium like spaghetti, pizza,
    Chinese food, etc.
  • after dental work or stitching of minor wounds triggered by the epinephrine in the local anaesthetic
  • heat stress and chilling.
  • when I don’t eat for over 4 hrs

During an attack I have muscle weakness and even get paralysed all over my body.
Some of the triggers can be avoided most of the time, like avoid getting cold that’s an easy one but even that happens sometimes.¬† Eat small meals every 3 to 4 hours is for me important because I have no colon and get “empty” real fast. That’s why I eat before I go to sleep and set the alarm clock at 03:00AM to eat something and take 20mmol potassium. At 06:00 I have to eat again and take some potassium and that helps me to avoid hitting a trigger just after I get out of bed.

Other triggers are unavoidable like stress, when something unexpected happens nothing is wrong immediately  but when the stress slowly gets less the attack comes into place and I get paralysed in about 30 minutes.