Kalium VerlaThe medication I use to keep the hypokalemic periodic paralysis attacks under control is at this moment “Verla Kalium” (Kalium=Potassium) . It comes in boxes containing 20/50/100 sachets .
Each sachet contains 20 mmol = 780 mg Kalium . I use depending on how the day goes about 6 to 8 sachets a day.

Because I don’t have a colon I have the problem that I have to eat every 3 hours, else my liver kicks in and releases glucose what triggers an attack too.
That’s why have an alarm set at night at 03:00 and 06:00 to take kalium (potassium) and to eat something. This way I prevent an attack in the morning.

If I can’t manage the attack because of whatever reason and I am just about able to move a little and very slow I use 1 sachet Verla Kalium and an Ibuprofen 600. Ibuprofen raises the Kalium level too for a little longer period of time. An half hour after I took the first sachet Kalium I take the second on and most of the time that will help to get the recovery started and then I take every 2 hours a sachet kalium until I can walk again.
An serious heavy attack takes from 6 hours up to 12 hours to recover from.

This week (28-11-2017) my doctor asked me to try Kalinor capsules.
The kalinor capsules contain 8 mmol = 315 mg Kalium and releases the Kalium more slowly. I started at 06:00 with the first capsule and at I0:00 the first attack kicked in.Kalinor

I know now for sure that 3 capsules spread out over 24 hours isn’t the solution for HYPOPP.
I know when to expect an attack I know the triggers so I can anticipate the attack with the sachets and that’s a much better solution until now.
When I feel an attack coming I take 1 sachet Kalium and take a time out and most of the time that’s enough to stop the attack from getting worse.