Mood swings

Mood swings caused by a low potassium level are very common and so by people with HYPOPP.  Since I am no doctor I write here on my website about my own findings

Before I discovered I have HYPOPP it happened to me that during an attack I experienced anxiety and depression or getting angry very fast lasting sometimes for days, and as fast as it comes it goes again. So it was to me very obvious it wasn’t a problem for an psychologist. I didn’t have to talk about it there was something else going on.

Since I know I have HYPOPP I experienced that the mood swings are 100% related to my potassium level.  When my potassium gets low I or my wife notice changes in my mood. Before I knew it was potassium related most of the time I feel  anxiety first, I am over reacting when my kids go to school by bike or go out walking the dog or my wife goes out shopping. I can be very afraid that something might happens to them.  When I don’t do anything about it I get depressed very depressed lying in bed and cry over everything.
The strange thing though is it is happening to me but I know it is not normal and it can be over anytime now.

When my mood goes a little down I know now that there is an HYPOPP attack coming, time to get potassium. Sometimes I get awake in the middle of the night and I am so angry about anything I can’t sleep, but that’s also a sign my potassium level is low. I take potassium and within 30 minutes I am sleeping again.
During the day it happens I feel tired  and getting moody or angry because of nothing, that’s to me a sign my potassium level drops a HYPOPP attack is nearby.

Hypopp is a strange disease!