Diagnosed with Parkinson

A few weeks ago I spoke to someone about my health and how I discovered I have HypoPP or something very similar. And here is what she told me.

Her brother was some time ago diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. He got Parkinsons medication and treatment and guess what it got worse. So the neurologist send him to a rehab center and that made it even worse. Until a young physiotherapist saw him and said “I don’t think you have Parkinsons I don’t know what it is but it is not Parkinsons disease”. So he went home knowing nothing, even less than before. The only thing that’s very clear was that Ibuprofen until now is the best medication, it helps a little to improve his situation.

His story was recognizable so I decided to gave her a sachet potassium so her brother could try this. Last weekend her brother was visiting his sister and his situation was not good at all, so she gave him 20mmol potassium and within 30 minutes his situation improved noticeable. He asked what kind of miracle powder she gave him and talked about HypoPP.
He ordered a box Veerla Kalium (potassium) the same day and his situation is improved since. In the mean while he has made an appointment to see his neurologist again (the one who diagnosed him earlier with Parkinson Disease)….

Will be continued

Jaap Rumping