Cannabis Oil

For a long time all kinds off people are trying to convince me
to try cannabis oil. You don’t get high or addicted, only one or two
drops will do miracles for people like you – they say..

Well on the end of August I will go to a specialized hospital in the
Netherlands and hope to get finally diagnosed. But for me it is very
obvious I have Hypopp and/or PMC. The triggers I know and benefits by
using Potassium citrate are very clear.

So yesterday someone brought me a little and expensive bottle of
Cannabis oil and told me to start using 1 drop at the time 3x a day.
The sales person told this person that he was very sure it would
change my life forever..

Yesterday all was great I was feeling really strong so a good day to
test this stuff I suppose. So I stood in the bathroom looked into the
mirror and dropped 1 drop of cannabis oil into my mouth. It was the
first time in my life (even while I am an Dutchman) I used Cannabis.
It should take between 30 minutes and 1,5 hours before I will notice

After 45 minutes I noticed I start loosing the feeling in my arms. No
awareness of any muscle tension anymore. I went to the toilet and
almost couldn’t get up from the toilet again. A little later my head
starts shaking I loose control of the muscles in my neck and face.

After that it all went wrong, my wife brought me to bed and I could
barely move for almost 2 hours. Difficulties with breathing and
talking, my kids helped me to sit upright so I was able to drink my
potassium. After a little longer as 3 hours I was able to go to the
toilet by myself again.

HYPOPP / PMC and Cannabis Oil a bad idea never again!