Website hosting TIP

I started making websites back
in 1994. The most successful  website I developed back than was the “Health BBS” over 70 bulletin boards where people could get in contact with each other about there health issues.

It was hard to find affordable web hosting that could handle the data traffic of my website. And that was the reason I couldn’t keep the websites running it was to expensive at the end.

I started renting in Canada and a few years later I moved the server to the USA.
During the past decades I have build many website, just using a text editor  typing html, PHP and CGI code for days, but that’s not necessary anymore.

The last time I moved my websites to another hosting company was last week (08 Feb. 2018). I was renting a server in Germany for almost 10 years for €34,99 a month WAY TO EXPENSIVE!

And than I discovered and opened a Reseller Hosting account for only €3.99 a month!

  • Webhosting15000 MB SSD Diskspace (+90 MB extra/month)
  • 200 GB Data traffic (+1,2 GB extra/month)
  • 100 resold domains
  • 100 resold accounts
  • Unlimited E-mail addresses
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • All PHP versions
  • 1-click Website installation like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.
    And 400+ other scripts

No need to write codes or whatever,  just one click and the website you want  gets automatic installed.  It is so easy, cheap and stable you can’t believe your eyes. Finally after all those years my websites are back home in Amsterdam 😉

Man am I glad I discovered webhosting!
Check it out for yourself at

Jaap 🙂